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The Kangaroo Method is a brealthrough in Adult Education!

It proves effective in strengthening your overall reading fluency, concentration, comprehension, retention, and ability to express yourself.

The Kangaroo Method is intended for back-to-college adults, educators, parents of school-aged children, and professionals looking to advance their careers.

  • No Required Reading Exercises!
  • No Lengthy Vocabulary Lists!
  • No Fancy Memory Techniques!
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In Less Than 2 Hours You Will:

  • Discover how to read without tuning out or getting sleepy
  • Learn how to quickly locate and retain need-to-know information
  • Find out how to master any skill in less time
  • Become genuinely word smart and easily able to express your thoughts

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Meet Don!

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About the Author

Don Woodruff

Donald Russell Woodruff taught advanced learning strategy courses and vocabulary seminars for Continuing Education and Professional Development Divisions in over 25 colleges and universities - including the University of Texas, the State University of New York. Purdue University, Southern Methodist University, Texas Christian University, the University of Nevada (UNLV), Niagara University, Suffolk University, and in various community colleges throughout the United States.

His learning techniques have been presented to the staff of NASA Headquarters and have been shared around the world on Voice of America television. He is the author of five audio programs on vocabulary and "high-definition" learning. His book, The Kangaroo Method: How To Unlock Your Verbal Intelligence and Become The Person You Most Want To Be, is used by representatives of the Princeton Review and is becoming a recognized source for back-to-college and career adults who want to gain a fresh start on their academic and career goals.

In addition, Don has shared the stage with other nationally known learning specialists at international learning symposiums in New York, San Francisco, and Toronto. He has been a featured speaker at corporate conventions and has shared his ideas with teachers through in-service training in public and private schools. He has been a guest on over 20 radio and television talk shows and is known for his ability to unpack complex ideas in simple terms. His "accelerated word infusion techniques" and discovery of "verbal blind spots" (words you "know" but cannot define) have raised the consciousness and intelligence of people of all ages and nationalities

Here's What Our Readers Are Saying


Concise direction

I have read a few books aimed at improving knowledge acquisition and retention. But this book so concisely lays out reading strategy in a way that others take a roundabout path to reveal or only mention in passing. For example, “zoning out” in the middle of a read is a common problem, I have experienced it myself but I would always curse myself, go back to the last spot of recognition, and try again.


The author provides a method to address the root cause of this failing and other common pitfalls people experience during study.


Excellent narration at a pleasant listening pace.

- 2CDReviews


I have seen Donald Russell Woodruff in action and he has mastered the art and science of learning. He is sharing his playbook for those who want to learn this vital skill. If you are going back to school or know someone who is, this should be the first book you pick up.

- Alvi Azad Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, Clinical Fellow at Yale University, affiliated with Walter Reed National Military Medical Center


Don Woodruff's Kangaroo Method is decidedly timely. His method for analyzing where communication breaks down is essential in our world of fast-paced communication.

- Gerald L. Begy, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Reading Education, SUNY at Brockport (Retd.)


Donald Russell Woodruff's philosophy of wordsmithing, The Kangaroo Method, is essential for those who believe that words matter and, if used effectively, impact one's ability to shape the future. Woodruff has packed his book with inspiring yet practical gems for conveying meaning with impact and precision.


- Lisa Grosso. English Faculty, Blue Ridge Community College


Your book is wonderful, enjoyable, masterfully written, educational, and easy to read.


"The Kangaroo Method," which is a wonderful title, should be of value to anyone looking to unlock their untapped capabilities. Your principles are easy to understand. They have catchy titles similar in style to Steven Covey. Your key concepts, learning points, tips and identification steps are organized in a way that brings your writing alive.


My favorite parts were Chapter 5 (Hard Work andMemories) and your Conclusion. Your personal experiences are very identifiable. I was walking alongside you as I read those pages. You are a gifted storyteller.


I guarantee you I will have re-read 'The Kangaroo Method" many times in the coming weeks. It is clearly "a keeper" for me. look forward to sharing it with friends!

- GregJ. Vahle, Senior Vice President, Pfizer (Retd.)


I am currently a masters student, and reading the kangaroo method has improved my studying habits immensely. The tips offered in the book helped me improve my reading comprehension with the intense level of material I'm studying.


The Kangaroo Method helped me understand things like why I find myself reading a page, but not remembering any of the lines I just read. The author then tells you how to correct this, and since applying it I rarely blank out while I'm reading. The way the author explains it is in simple terms, and the instructions he gives on how to correct it are easy to do.


I now recommend this book to my peers to help them improve their reading skills. It is a short read that offers so much impactful insight and helpful tools to bring to one's everyday life.

- Olivia


I just finished reading The Kangaroo Method by Donald Woodruff. I had some startling revelations about my own "Blind Spots" described in this book. There seems to be no gimmicks or tricks in the Kangaroo Method. Instead, the author points out, what I think, are some simple basic truths about our use of words. Things that are "hidden right in plain sight", that cause people to struggle with reading and comprehension. He tells of a very simple solution which is already changing the way I read and study and even the way I converse with people Thank you Mr. Woodruff for these simple but powerful insights.

- Richard R.


I thought this book was fantastic. As an educator for over 20 years, I see students who hate reading, have not read a book a year, or a book over their high school career, and don't want to read the newspaper or anything in college. Then they get to college and are required to read hundreds of pages for a course, maybe in a week or a night, and they can't even fathom how to process all of that.


The author of this book discusses his Kangaroo Method, and it makes sense. Vocabulary is key! Learning specific words for the fields we are studying, learning from the top down (seeing the big picture in nonfiction texts).... will make a difference. I think of all the students I've had, all the adults who want to learn more, but are afraid of or unwilling to do the hard work. But it can become a habit. LOVED this idea.

- Megan

IP Book Reviewers

The Kangaroo Method embodies a truth about education (and ourselves), which, if applied, has the power to unlock our verbal intelligence and even increase our IQ.

- Christopher Ackerman

You can listen to The Kangaroo Method
- right now - for only $5.99 on Kindle.
(No Audible Membership required!)

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